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First Post

We’ve been working with boys and others on this project for a while and all ideas and discussions ended up mostly in my head only. Like a week ago I’ve started thinking about wrapping it all in some sort of system where I can off-load most of things, log our progress and potentially share it with the others. I’ve realised that my very good friend Tam had a blog for their family’s trip around Australia and that was a for which worked out pretty well, so let’s give it a try here.

As a beginning there are few goals I am thinking to reach and I’ll try to keep their list updated. I’m going to drop some here, till I’ll find some better way to track them properly:

Phase I: Hydrogen Balloon (Little guy)

This phase is just to evaluate that we have all material needed with minimal budget, what are our biggest challenges and if there is a way forward.

Cost: $703.96 AUD

Phase II: Long Balloon (Fat guy)

This phase is to start again and simply do over most of what in the Phase I, just on a larger scale. Record all the values again and compare those with results of the previous phase. This phase can be extended with some more ideas to test future concepts

Phase 3: Blimp trial – Zeppelin

Rough plan here really depends on how previous phases work out. In case that it won’t be a complete disaster we’ll be looking to see following:

Phase 100: Drone airship

Well, let’s start with Phase 1 😉

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