How to build a … well, not too fast!

First I need to catch up with some of the project’s history, before we can move on. Project kicked off sort of 2 months ago with the revelation that you can actually buy a Mylar sheet 1,2m x 25m in Australia – all from a comfort of your sofa.

Next part was to do a bit of shopping in Bunnings and get an Adhesive spray in a can, some canister + plastic tubes.

I’ve also scavenged multiple power sources around the house and did few experiments on how that Hydrogen production may actually work out – ending with a spare PC 450W PSU. It all worked out into a workshop session with boys resulting with this creation:

That also came with the first balloon, when we’ve simply folded 2m of a Mylar sheet and glued edges together (Thank you Simon).

First steps also came with a first disappointment – our Hydrogen Production is too low. Finally we’ve pressurized our new balloon just with a normal air to demonstrate at least some results. 🙂

Whole process continued through following weeks with attempts to improve the Hydrogen production by providing better electrodes, but even using massive stainless-steel sheets – that expected effect wasn’t coming.

We made multiple attempts to boost the Hydrogen production with tuning the PSU. Some looked pretty promising, but all constantly failing.

Test above stopped after 2hrs when producing about 2dcl of Hydrogen and 5l of some seriously toxic water waste. 🙁

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