Hydrogen generator Mk.3

We didn’t get too disappointed by our last failure (meltdown) and started planning a new version version of the hydrogen generator. Something what is not too big, not too small, doesn’t melt too easy and we can finally see bubbling. Also something what is in our abilities to build (not like aluminum sheets like Serge’s Luar).

I’ve decided to use this time Perspex (Plexiglass) sheet from Bunnings which comes 3mm thick and in a decent size.

After our experience with a toxic/corroded water I’ve also ordered a Graphite Sheet 150mm x 70mm x 4mm to serve as new electrodes. (Order $16.28 from from Chullora, NSW as cheaper deliveries from China had some months++ ETA.)

Based on the electrode size we’ve assumed a box having a size of 200x100x80. To grow its construction stability we’ve decided to duplicate layers and use them to click together. Sebi prepared design like this:

Then we did some measuring and cutting to get parts:

Glued those together + Sebi did sanding and all (almost) clicked.

Still, bit more sanding and brushing to go, but it starts taking a shape. There is also the partitioning part still missing + the cover.

Sebi also did a pressure test of our “balloon”. I think it did better then what I’ve imagined.

I think that that balloon is our greatest success so far! 🙂

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