Pandora’s box

Well, being this close with having that box done, I’ve arranged another push this Saturday. It took another hour brushing all parts to make it feel like it is not going to fit together – ever so I sort of gave up and let Sebi to some creative job with a hot-glue gun… and voila!

This picture shows it already with the partitioning part in the middle, just when it was glued in. When presenting it to Serge & Paul & Greg today I was moving with all that thing quickly from side to side so I hope they didn’t notice that we are off 3mm on 20cm side. (facepalm emoji here)

Next part was the lid. Sebi was complaining about his minimal involvement in the project, so I made him to do the measuring and cutting.

He did fantastic job again and half an hour later we had it all done! Following pictures show it with and without a lid and also with “planned” nozzle.

All seems to be holding together well and feels structurally solid.

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