Another day .. another failure

One day you are up, one day you are down. All the duct tape couldn’t save the day. Next morning we found that all that heat caused much more damage than initially appeared. As you see in the picture below, the box sides bent and the partitioning piece fell off.

All the world’s duct tape can’t save this.

We’ve started working on a Mk. 4 instantly. No experiments with perspex anymore. Re-thinking it all – we need to get back to basics and try to simplify the design a lot to withstand the heat. Let’s start with a single Sistema container and try to use a minimum amount of glue to prevent any surprises.

Electrodes went through the lid and hot glue was used just to seal gaps between them and the lid. The one remaining seriously glued part was the perspex partition to separate the oxygen and hydrogen chambers. Also to prevent another over-heating surprise, we’ve filled the baking tray with a coolant (fancy name for traditional H2O). Full of optimism – we connected whole device in electricity.

… and started the whole process again!

… and connected it to our balloon!

Well, it didn’t go well. 🙁 That hot glue is simply no use in a device which produces so much waste heat! That partitioning gave way after few minutes, causing me to stop the experiment again. This needs to be thought through properly!

List for next time:

  • Container shouldn’t have any parts
  • Needs to be thermo-resistant up to 100C
  • Air-tight

And finally noted that my fancy Graphite electrode worn out unexpectedly, this is so bad. 🙁

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  1. I’ll have a closer read of your latest posts and send any edits needed.

    If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!


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