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Seeing increasing costs (after buying the 3rd PSU) I’ve come with an idea to start properly tracking my expenses. This list is incomplete as I outsourced / scavenged many things and also lost track of some.

I also plan to keep this list up to date – even retrospectively – hence that Date column there.

Item descriptionDateStatusExpense (AU)
Mylar Reflective Film Roll -1.22MX 15M | 1MIL / 25.4um | Aluminum | Foil | Heat2/5/2020OK$49.95
10l Water Jerry Canend of May 2020Busted$12.98
Sika 575ml Sikabond Sprayfix Construction Adhesiveend of May 2020OK$21.58
5l Water Jerry Canmid of June 2020In use$9.24
2x Craftright Hot Glue Gun Sticks – 12 Packmid of June 2020Consumed$5.96
2x Stainless-steel electrodesend of May 2020In use$40
Graphite sheet 150x70x418/6/2020Busted$16
Potassium Hydroxide (500g)18/6/2020Consumed$14.45
Foldback Clips (20)18/6/2020OK$6.63
Perspex sheet18/6/2020Consumed$45
Vinil gloves25/06/2020OK$14.90
Safety glasses25/06/2020In use$10.50
Measuring cup 250ml25/06/2020In use$2.29
Potassium Hydroxide (2kg)25/06/2020In use$36.00
Multifunction Environment Metermid of June 2020In use~$49.00
Mains LCD Power Meter 240VAC01/07/2020In use$19.95
Solid Gear 2000W PSU01/07/2020Busted$80.00
KICKASS 12V HiAmp 100A Manual Reset Circuit Breaker01/07/2020For sale$19.00
1850W PSU08/07/2020Busted$65.00
Thermometer lab probe simple08/07/2020Busted$10.95
2x Cable pwr rnd ofc 4G 1m08/07/2020In use$23.90
2x Heat-Sink 128x100x3615/07/2020In use$18.50
1 x Heavy-Duty Heat-Sink 120×10015/07/2020Idle$22.85
150A Circuit Breaker15/07/2020For sale$39.25
Heatsink composite syringe 25ML15/07/2020In use$11.50
Pack of Heavy-Duty 9V Batteries15/07/2020In use$30.99
Vogue St/St Gastro Tray 200mm height16/07/2020In use$18.59
Food Container Decor (Coles)17/07/2020In use$9.00
Brand New, Self Priming, 12V Water Pump 6 l/min18/07/2020In use$58.00
ROSSMARK ARC 250Amp Stick Welder DC Inverter MMA Welding Machine IGBT Portable02/08/2020In use$119.00
Thermostat 70C On25/07/2020In use$6.50
Circuit Breaker 10A25/07/2020For sale$9.95
Create Heavy Duty storage 54L25/07/2020TBA$27.90
Tube clear vinyl25/07/2020TBA$13.20
50g Silicone Dielectric Grease02/08/2020Idle$17.75
2x 8mm Non-Insulated Eye Terminal 6mm202/08/2020In use$3.25

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