Blimpy 3

Having all material in place and some spare time due to holidays, I’ve decided to move forward and have another “Blimpy” run. My idea is to build something like this (cooling circuit is TBA):

Following picture shows our beautiful cable-work. You can see a threads of black and yellow cables going from the PSU to the bridge and another 4WG cable going forth.

Whole setup than looks like this:

Sebi fills in electrolyte:

We are ready to go!

The Watt-meter worked out as a pretty cool monitoring device! Here you can see that at this stage our system consumes 564 Watts.

While electrolyte reaches 27C.

Sebi improved our to-be-Blimpy

Who inflated in 20 minutes!!

We’ve presented Blimpy to our sleepover friend.

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