Two welders story

My happiness about the new Welder Invertor came to a sudden end. Even running on a very low current – 40Amps, the welder indicated overheating and stopped just after couple minutes. See that yellow glowing diode on the picture below.

In the first shock I thought that this is another dead end and welder can’t be used for this purpose, but playing with all that thing I’ve realized that the main welder component – the fan – seems to be having some serious issues.

Bit disappointed about all that situation I went to the original e-shop and it allowed me to lodge a warranty claim, including an option to provide some evidence. Surprisingly it all went super-smoothly and a new welder was on its way practically the next business day. Thank you!

Sebi unpacking our new-new welder.

I took a picture of both welders sitting next to each other … now thinking what to do with the second one.

I couldn’t resist and connected everything to see how it goes now and we also did a test to check that we are still getting Hydrogen. All went very smoothly and we filled a new blimpy in a matter of minutes.

Overall performance and stability of that welder as a power source seems to be just awesome! Thank you all – Vlada & Serge & Risa for your guidance! Finally, see a video of bubbles we are getting with this new setup.

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