Cabling upgrade

Having a new welder in and doing great I’ve become bit picky about all that setup, seeing those welding clamps being as the weakest part of all.

I think that on the picture above it is clear that contact surface between those clamps and bolts is the weakest point. So I started thinking if I can replace all that stuff with something what would look more “industrial”.

My research started (and ended) with those interesting cable connectors – these are actually “Welding Cable Panel Connector-plugs DKJ10-25 200Amp Dinse Quick Fitting” – things!

I never thought I’ll need “Digital Caliper” again in my life – I’ve been even more impressed that Vlada supplied my shed with one even without letting me know (apparently it’s been there for three years already).

Ordering the right plug afterwards was trivial, while DJK10-25 was practically the only value which is really needed. All arrived almost instantly, but it still took me couple weeks to actually move on with putting it together.


Well, I think it looks much cooler now, do you agree? 😀

No, it doesn’t, but it all really feels much more consistent and robust. At least I am not worried that someone will accidentally touch/unplug something.

One last thing – I did a tiny safety upgrade – at least I know where to go when house is on fire. 😉

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