KOH restocking

After all those cooing and power upgrades we finally mover to filling in our second balloon (“Blimper”). Now i am running the Hydrogen production for 8+ hrs without any interruptions and it came with a new challenge – evaporation! It looks like we are loosing quite a significant amount of electrolyte through every session.

Thinking economically – the solution needed is roughly 25%-30% and that makes 2kg of KOH for our 6l basin. I was so far buying 1kg for $18AUD, Looking for some more efficient option I’ve contacted “Santo Australia Cleaning Products” where they offer 25kg bag of KOH for $75AUD.

I’ve arranged our Friday lunch with Keith to pick it up.

Bought a 25l saleable keg from Bunnings.

Got couple of child-slaves to transport it to our shed.

Took a picture before…

… and after.

I shouldn’t be running out of KOH for another year! 😀

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