Release the Blimper!

Seeing how that new balloon leaks – I had no patience to fix it properly so I decided to get rid of it and start from a scratch. However it wasn’t leaking enough not to have some fun with that!

Started on Friday late afternoon, through Saturday and most of Sunday – I’ve been able to fill it enough to call it a day and stand to my plan.

Saturday morning
Sunday afternoon

Meeting our Redcliffe gang for Sunday coffee – I’ve announced a great balloon release. The deal was that balloon will be released to be heading inland not to cause any additional pollution to the sea and winds were good 4pm-7pm.

All came to support it and made a great atmosphere! Kids wrote their messages to be carried out in a bottle.

Some messages were … secret!

Even our girls were happy that boys are having fun.

First moments out of hanger …

I couldn’t resist and asked Timo to take a picture of that historic-moment.

Yes – Lucas will be remembered like this .. forever. 😛

Very first moment when balloon got released.

And now it’s on its way to “here be dragons” land.

We’ve been seeing it going for another 15-20 minutes and I think it was awesome! All were having great fun and I felt relieved that it worked out so nicely. Thank you all once again for coming and all your support!

Now I have empty shed to move to phase 2.5, stay tuned! 😀

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