How to glue a … sphere

In preparation of our new development, I bought new 50m sheet of Mylar from a shop near Gold Coast. That happened on 1st Sept 2020 and it’s been in a truck for today’s delivery since 4th Sept 2020. That now makes 13 days (today is 13th Sept, still 2020). I hope that that truck driver has some good fun with that 😉

Meanwhile I’ve been thinking on how we are going to glue all that stuff together this time and came with a asking Mr. Google for some clues. It came with this fantastic page

Don’t forget to buy this guy a coffee!

Well, so where to start – now I need to prove that it is possible to glue 3m3 sphere-ish shape balloon where it can hold Hydrogen longer then I can produce that. With 1,2m wide Mylar sheet we need to some simple calculations. I helped myself with CalculatorSoup.

As per above, we need to look for some sort of 5.6m circumference. 5.6 / 1.2 -> 5 sheets. Let’s do it!

Using the template maker I’ve printed out a sphere template with 5 segments and got entertainment for a whole family to cut it out.

Bit of patience and art with a paper glue and … voila!

That was easy, wasn’t it? Now just to come up with the most efficient cutting template for our Mylar sheet.

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