Hindenburg disaster – now in colours

Ok, this time it is something different. While browsing through all the corners of the Internet, I came to a Czech article about an interesting technology called – DeOldify. Surprisingly Vlada keeps spamming whole family with number of coloured pictures from our family albums. That all triggered my interest so I started reading more.

So I suppose that it clear – DeOldify is a technology which allows colorization of black and white images and it do so for videos as well. This technology is using pre-trained neuron network to do this job and its results are fascinating! Let’s start with something close to Down Under – here’s a colorization of the last known Tasmanian Tiger, which went extinct in 1936.

I couldn’t resist and did some pictures on my own – How about few black and white pictures from our previous article about Piasecki PA-97?


And it works for artistic pictures as well!


I’ve almost forgot – here comes the Hindenburg Disaster – now in colours!

If you are interested in having a go – give it try! Just go to following website and upload your picture and see results instantly. Of course, let me know, if you’ll end up with some interesting results and I’ll share those here to make this article even more interesting. 🙂

Here are few “best of” from Vlada:

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  1. Fantastic pics. One day will have to find out hoo those people are.

    See you after were done fending off dingoes!

    Ciao, S.

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