Hydrogen generator Mk. VI

After the great success with our second balloon release, I noticed several potential problems with our current generator design.
– the Perspex lid is changing its shape substantially
– electrolyte’s colour is impenetrable black-brown soup
– hydrogen-part container seems to be leaky around the electrode
– the “bubbler” is wobbly and potentially leaky as well

So, reminding Kieran’s advice on KOH being environmentally ok, I’ve got rid of current electrolyte. I have removed bubbler and replaced exhaust from the hydrogen container with a screw-on-garden-hose outlet. Sealed all gaps between lid and electrode with new amount of paste, and covered it with rubber.

However the large lid replacement needed more thinking. After a brief consultation with Vilem I bought a 300×600 aluminium sheet at Bunnings for $45.30.

Now I just need to cut those holes in there again! Receiving following picture of Serge having good time at Morreton Island I came with a cunning plan.

While asking Serge how he would cut those holes I was actually hoping to get him to show me some of his secret shipwright techniques. Serge didn’t fail me and appeared just couple hours later with all the tools and practically instantly started cutting.

Few minutes of an incredible noise and Serge became a new Iron Man!

Robin came as well (it’s been her birthday! Happy birthday Robin again!!) and took few pictures – so there is one with me being on a health & safety duty.

Result was just awesome – once you know how to do it, it all looks so easy.

My vs. Serge’s

Now, it took me about a week to get back and start putting things together again.

that “bubbler” … is my wine glass

Looking at it I decided to give it a bit of “Tesla” style.

And voila!

… glass is empty 🙂

I feel so good about it! And huge thanks to Serge & Robin – it wouldn’t look so awesome like this if you wouldn’t come. XXX! 🙂

Now when it is all ready … we need to start with that balloon again. Stay tuned!

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