Printer shelve improvements

Since getting the 3D printer I already had so much fun, however there were still few things which could go better. The major one was its illumination. As you see on the picture below, all the top of the printer is pretty dark, making it quite difficult to service and operate.

Another trip to Bunnings and voila – let there be a light! Switch is located on the right side and all cabling went into central-vacuum-cleaner cabinet, which I ripped out.

Reading about 3D printing lately, there was one more worry – fire hazard safety. It is very rare, but 3D printers simply can go on fire!

… and when it happens, I don’t want it to get our whole house on fire as well. Discussing it all around I came with a plan to “kill three birds with one stone” and bought couple meters of “TradeSelect ThermalBrane 4 Foil Shed house insulation 1500mm wide per lineal mtr” from

I’ve started with the read wall first …

but couple hours of tinkering around it and it now all shiny-spacey 3D printer.

I couldn’t resist and tested it on one of models I wanted to try for a while.

I think it all worked out nicely. Now back to our main project. 🙂

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