Hydrogen pressure regulator

In the post “Dr. Hydrogen or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” I’ve got a Hydrogen canister and bolted it to the wall in the garage as missing an option to release the gas safely. Luckily there is no expiry date on the Hydrogen usage, so there is no rush, except that renting that canister from BOC comes to ~$1 a day.

Meanwhile I kicked-off an investigation on “How to obtain a hydrogen pressure regulator in Queensland” and through various options I’ve ended up ordering the one straight from BOC for bargain $472.70.

BASELINE Single Stage Flammable Gases and Mixtures Scientific Regulator

This is a place where I send a huge thanks to all who sponsored me in buying this regulator – starting with Jirus, my Mum, Vlada and Veronika! Huge thanks!

The Regulator arrived shortly in a nifty cardboard box and I enjoyed unpacking it with Eddie. It feels really solid and in a mechanical sense … beautiful. 😉

I also too few more pics for Serge to get his advice on how to actually use it.

As you see the hole size, based on the super calipers, we need 6 mm copper tube to be able to connect it.

And couple days later Serge (and Robin) got it all working. Now we are finally ready for some serious blimp-action!

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