5, 4, 3, 2, 1 .. lift off!

Serge came precisely at 4pm as agreed and before we’ve agreed on the plan … Richie appeared as well! So we went straight to the action and Serge mounted the pressure regulator together with the hose.

It actually took several iterations with Richie it leaking.

Soon after Sebi tested if that gas in the bottle is the Hydrogen, or any other interesting gas.

Balloon filling started ~ 5:45pm in front of our garage and many came to observe whether our little high-school project.

We had kids to have a guess on how much lifting power we’ll generate with our balloon – the prize goes to Cara and Timo!

Everything ready to go!

And we have a lift off!

Thank you all for coming and your great support! It was amazing atmosphere you prepared, thank you!

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This release wraps up our Phase II and we are onto the Phase III now.

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