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Hi team, I had a chat with Sebi on our needs and we are getting into a situation where we would like to get some support in going forward. We are in an acute need for 3D printing filament. The idea is to offer some of our printing services to raising a few dollars allowing us to stock up on filament.

Amazon.com: 3D Printer PLA Filament 1.75mm, LABISTS Plastic 3D Printing PLA  Filament Bundle 1kg/2.2lb in Total, 0.25KG/Spool 4 Colors (White, Red,  Black, Blue): Office Products

To be 100% transparent all donors will be listed here with their donations, where their names will be anonymized if required. 100% of the fundraiser will go into buying the 3D filament which will be used mainly for the Blimp project. I am reserving the right to change the money purpose in case the donors will go crazy, as filling our garage with 3D filament wouldn’t help our cause. Still, all spendings will be listed here.

The current goal is to raise $155.4 AUD which will go straight to the following filaments from Inkstation.

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Here’s how I imagine that going to work. There are donation levels, that we’ve prepared with Sebi, which will gradually reward each donor with a more valuable prize.

Donation goalReward
$5.003D blimp model
$10.003D blimp model + donors name on the blimp
$15.00All above + you get a choose a colour (from available filaments)
$50.00Original Blimp T-Shirt (Julia design)
Goals and Rewards

Rewards gallery

Thank you for your gift in advance!

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