Reinforced EDF duct

Seeing how our EDF duct design performs – I was all happy. The only thing here was that all that duct seemed to be structurally weak. Just holding that duct in a hand made it to change its shape enough to have the propeller start screeching.

So i went to our original design….

… and added the reinforcement mesh!

I think it looks awesome, but one more thing is missing – our EDF duct diameter is 80mm, but our tube’s outer diameter is just 70mm. So I added an adaptor..

So we are moving to the second phase of this – handed our model over to the slicer – Cura Utimaker.

… and then to the printer itself. I took several pictures while it kept printing, as it took 12 hrs in a total.

It doesn’t look good on a picture, but with a closer look you’ll see that those are just additional supports not sticking properly to the model and keep messing around.

And then, when cleared of all spittle, here is a final model!

It actually looks awesome and feels even better! That tube reinforcement is making all that job it was designed for. I really like it. 🙂

It needed few adjustments and we also need two of those. But that is a story for another day.

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