Power management

Thinking about how we’ll feed all that monster I came with a plan. We have 2 main motors + 4 side ones and all of them are 4S (14.8V) – matching our battery pack. To get the best out of it we’ll setup everything in a parallel connection, getting 40000mAh on 14.8V ~> 592Wh.

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Based on our previous tests, we’ll be draining 8.31A with each main motor, when running on max thrust with those. Bit of high-school maths gives us power consumption in Watts – 2*8.31A*14.8W -> 245W. So finally we get some first flight guess – 592 / 245 -> 2.29 ~> 2 hours and 15 minutes. Rounding down we are ending on safe-ish 2hrs operation time.

Not too good (my original plan was 4hrs), but not too bad as well. Next stage is to distribute that power to all engines. I’ve designed a simple bridge, putting those XT90s in a middle (battery power connector), surrounded by XT60 (motors). Main motors will go next to those XT90s and those copter-ones will go further away. Probably not the best design, but will have to do for now.

Now couple hours drawing in OpenSCAD came with following model. This is already a second version as the first one was precise too much and got destroyed when testing if it fits properly.

I still took several pictures as it actually looked super-cool.

While waiting for a cover design and new print, Sebi soldered all connectors to a wire so those can be soldered further to the main plate. Well done Sebi!

Finally put that all together and I think it looks super good! What do you think?

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