First jet-cart test!

There’s been much more happening lately and we made some great progress. Sebi couldn’t wait to see things working so he hooked up both motors to a single Arduino, connected his PS2 remote controller and gave it couple test runs.

We had couple failed tests where it became obvious that:

  • Propellers needs to be rotating in a correct direction (left one spins clockwise and right goes counter-wise)
  • Wheels needs to be pre-oriented in a correct direction as engines thrust has no power to turn them around
  • Running on maximum – our power supply providing 15V on 10A might not be enough to provide an proper initial kick

I’ve been hoping that this will be our first try – but actually after employing Oli to carry the power supply (to make cart lighter), we’ve been able to deliver! Enjoy that proper sound of PS2-operated jet-cart! 🙂

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