Make your own Battery pack – part I

Unfortunately my original plan ordering a 20Ah RC battery failed. Discussing things all around Richard / Andrew / Serge / Greg / Simon … and more, I actually decided to go with our own 6S battery for our project. Yes, I want it to look like the one on the picture below!

Image 01 - 1-5pc 3S 12V 18650 Li-ion lithium battery 25A BMS PCB Protection Board Balance

Andrew helped me to do some research. Obviously the first thing first – you need to pick proper battery cells for your project. The 18650batterystore shop/web provided reasonably good overview on this.

Also following set of videos is very insightful on what’s ahead of us.

So I started with shopping and surprisingly found a local (Brisbane) shop called Fubu which offers interesting batteries.

Just out of curiosity I’ve ordered a pack of 4 and to my surprise the owner of this shop (Rob) brought those to our house in person. What a surprise! Thank you Rob!

Next one was a pack of balancing cables. To my surprise – the best offer came from another Aussie shop in NSW.

… and arrived shortly as well. It took pretty comfortable 3 days this time.

Final missing part is a “0.2mm thickness Pure Nickel Strip Nickel Tap Welding Tape 2P Spot Nickel”. Here it simply was eBay again, which helped me out, but it is very hard to say when it’s going to arrive.

Next on is to catch up with Richard and check what sort of batteries we’ve actually bought. 😀 But that’s for another day.

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