Propeller review

Experiencing propeller to sleeve away from our motor after our latest power up, I’ve decided to implement that propeller clamp which came with motors.

Not to waste too much filament on the prototype, I did changes and rendered for printing the propeller nose only.

rear view – before
rear view – after
front view – before
front view – after

Printing took about an hour, extending the axle hole few more minutes.

Screwed on top of the motor it felt pretty strong and I couldn’t take it off with my bare hands.

Seeing this as a success, I did couple more adjustments and rendered whole propeller.

… actually two of them, so we can print those in one go.

Propellers in CURA slicer – it says that it will take 6+ hours to print.

Printing went easy – ABS on 250C tool / 110C bed + 60% speed.

Printed propellers came out almost perfect.

I couldn’t wait to see that all mounted so I did a dirty-mount – just to take another picture.

For comparison I am adding an 400W EDF I saw in a shop – this one was for $150.

I think that we made it pretty close. 🙂

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