It’s moving!

It was a big weekend – lot’s of moving around the house, making 3D printer to print again and finally putting it all together! We did multiple runs, but this one was the best in limited conditions we had.

You may notice that vectors are not mounted – interestingly we haven’t been able to make it moving with vectors on. I think that problem might be that our turbine comes with too few blades (8) to properly push against those vectors.

So I doubled those (16) and it is printing just now for another test. Still, it will take probably couple days as one of these complex prints take ~6hrs and as I wan’t layers to stick together properly I am printing with 66% speed only (~10hrs).

Still, I think it is a great progress forward, don’t you think? We are finally moving with everything loaded on a cart – batteries, controllers, receiver. I am feeling so good about it đŸ™‚

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