Big preparations

We’ve spent practically whole weekend on getting things ready for the main goal of our Phase 3.

And when I say we – we actually had a great help from Jacob, who visited us here in Newport. He did lots of soldering and calibration work on ESCs.

To wrap up Saturday I asked Jacob to give us a bit of overview on what’s working now.

We’ve kept pushing almost whole Sunday where it involved even more cabling, soldering and calibration. Sebi got bit tired, but didn’t give up.

I took few more pictures just to give you a tiny idea how that cabling looks like now, I am getting pretty amazed about all that stuff myself.

It wouldn’t be that satisfying without giving it a try, agreed? So here is Sebi, demonstrating when it all works together – thursters, vectors, gimbals – all remote controlled, while connected to our 2kW power source. 🙂

I hope you find it so cool as I do and I can’t wait to get it out for a proper ride again.

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