3D printer upgrade Mk II

It’s been a while since we did some decent 3D printer upgrade – Last time Sebi introduced RaspberryPi to make our printing much more comfortable and now the time came when he pushed it to another level – a BONELK USB 1080P CLIP ON WEBCAM!

Bonelk USB Webcam, Clip On, 1080p - Black

It came in a nice packaging.

And we had is set up in a just a few moments. Camera clipped on a printer frame and it’s USB connector straight to the RaspberryPi (see the top right corner).

Camera mounted

Camera’s been instantly recognised by the Octopi and even without any restart or refresh started providing a live stream from the printer. Picture below is a screen-shot of my mobile running a mobile version of the Octopi when printer is just heating up for another go.

Checking on the actual web interface – many more options came to life there.

Clearly the most tempting one was the Timelapse.

There are three Timelaps Modes – normal, Timed and On Z Change. We’ve tried both interesting ones the normal mode first.

As you can see it comes initially bit blurry and looks like a low quality. However at some stage I realised that there is a manual lenses focus which improved things a lot. Well seeing that one coming well, Sebi suggested to try that “On Z Change” mode – and that was the right one!

As you can see, video is much more entertaining, while clearly capturing all what’s needed. Thank you Sebi, this is awesome, I don’t need to get out of my sofa any more! 🙂

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