Testing rig upgrade

Our plan to have a proper testing rig for our airship controller got hit by several issues. First – as it wasn’t the first priority, there was always a reason for not progress on its development. Second those rubber-bands I envisioned to keep it flying haven’t been reliable enough.

On a picture below you can see how that rubber rips in pieces when confronted with its copper wire attachment.

Thinking about it for a while I came with a plan to reuse some old copper tubes to create some more solid attachment mainly employing more surface together with doubling amount of rubber involved. As always I took few pictures to at least briefly document that process.

What’s not on pictures is that I’ve ended up struggling to push both rubber ends through that copper ring. Some really old memory of my father came with an idea of using just a common hand-soap to help it a bit and that did the trick! Thanks daddy!

Anyway, Sebi couldn’t resist to give it a proper go. 🙂

Sebi demonstrates power of all motors combined, so don’t forget to stay to the end! As always, let us know your ideas, any constructive comments are always welcome! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Testing rig upgrade

  1. Je opravdu správné používat k závěsům gumové hadičky? Pokud budete měřit hodnoty působení sil na jednotlivých závěsech bude to asi zkreslené tuhostí a průtažností gumových závěsů, nehledě na to, že gumová hadice určitě nebude v celé délce zcela homogenní a může být její silový odpor na jednotlivých závěsech různý. Pokud chcete měřit hodnoty sil s dostatečnou přesností, měly by asi být použity závěsy z nepoddajného a homogenního materiálu – ocel?
    Is it really right to use rubber hoses for the hinges? If you measure the values of the forces acting on the individual hinges, it will probably be distorted by the stiffness and elongation of the rubber hinges, despite the fact that the rubber hose will certainly not be completely homogeneous along its entire length and its force resistance on individual hinges may be different. If you want to measure force values with sufficient accuracy, should hinges made of a rigid and homogeneous material – steel – probably be used?
    (google translator)

  2. Hi Jan,

    This project looks incredible, very very impressive. My constructive comment – Sebi needs some safety glasses next time he wants to go full-throttle. Not only would he look like a seasoned professional, but if a blade decided to give up or something got sucked in to one of the fans and spat out the other end, he might end up looking like a pirate, arrrr.

    I’ll be sure to follow your project!



    1. Hi Stuart,

      Thanks a lot for your comment and I agree! Let me focus on that safety more from now on. We are just about to start to work with a laser-cutter so I suppose that glasses are complete must there, while most of our testing tasks should be carried with glasses as well to avoid any sort of “pirate” situation. 😀

      Thanks & Cheers,

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