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It is hard not to bump in some very interesting people, when walking around with an hydrogen airship project. So I’ve ended up being introduced to Mr. Murray Shearer a head of Hydrogen and Alternative research from Central Queensland University.

After several calls and missed opportunities things worked out that I had a somehow a trip around one of the CQU’s departments – the one in Gladstone.

I had an great time chatting with Murray for couple days there, including an exclusive tour over the uni campus. Our main topic was our hydrogen airship project and I couldn’t resist and told Murray everything, including a practical demonstration of our jet-cart.

It has to be something mysterious with these live demonstrations, that things usually don’t go as planned. Well it wasn’t different this time when one of our front propellers got loose/stuck in the moment of the highest performance and ripped off one of front intakes with pretty spectacular acoustic effect.

Luckily it was after our main demo and also it looks like Murray’ve seen things like that before (he holds a doctorate in explosions). Anyway, next day we did an excursion over the campus to check on some of its potential. I took several pictures to have some good material for our blog readers.

Huge thanks to Murray for this opportunity – it was awesome in many ways and I really enjoyed all my stay there. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to catch up soon again!

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