RC Airship WP flight by Martin Hill

I’ve subscribed to Martin Hill’s videos couple years back – he does amazing stuff – while now he posted his two latest from 22 March 2022, which are showing some awesome details.

First video is from a cam on board of his blimp, when watching, don’t forget to notice voltage (10V) and current (1.* Amps) values in upper right corner!

The second video appears to be from the same flight, but from the Ardupilot perspective – following predefined navpoints.

Well so this is amazing & well done Martin Hill! I wish we’ll be posting something very much similar with our BBBlimp project any time soon!

UPDATE 4th April 2022

Sebi told me that when presenting those Youtubes I’ve forgot one showing parts of the actual blimp flight. Thank you Sebi & here it comes!

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