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Power management update II

This is a follow up on a previous Power management update article, where I was attempting to reduce number of batteries in our system. Long story short – it didn’t work out as I was hoping for. That DC to DC Step Down Voltage Converter Module I’ve picked wasn’t powerful enough (Max output current 1.5A) to let all servos and ESCs running. Even after doubling it – it wasn’t reliable enough.

So I’ve ended up buying “24V to 12V 10A DC 2 DC Converter Step Down Daygreen Reliable Quality , Newest Type CE Certificated”

.. and also “Waterproof 12V 24V to 6V 3A 18W 5A 30W DC DC Step Down Voltage Converter 12Vdc 24Vdc to 6Vdc Buck Car Charger Power Module”

Both arrived in a good condition and some easy wiring was needed.

I did some minor testing to see that voltages are where they belong.

All seems to be happy! So once again – all ready for Sebi to give it a go! 🙂

Update I: Adding the latest power distribution & controls diagram

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