Thoughts on heater for Carbon Fibre curing

I’ve been discussing how to build a heater for our Carbon Fibre curing with Serge and he proposed to simplify things greatly. Instead of an aluminium tube with a copper wire winding type – he came with a simple cooking heater wire which would be placed in a centre of our tube.

As usual with Serge, he instantly grabbed a spare one and gave it a try! 🙂

It is awesome & thank you Serge! This really solves more than a few things – even wire winding, fitting tube in a tube, mechanical protection of a wire, temperature control and also simplifies our design quite dramatically!

Still, I made couple notes which we need to think through:

  • How to secure this element in a middle of our tube, while avoiding any (significant) thermal bridges?
  • We need to come with some sort of automated temperature control to keep constant 175C for 40 minutes

Once again, Thank you Serge!!!

Serge & Sebi – stolen from a different project, still an awesome picture!

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