I did few updates to our main design in a model model preparation for some experiments with OpenVSP. Seeing how that worked out nicely, I took several pictures and prepared them in a small gallery, including tiny comments.


Front view, all three envelope segments are nicely aligned, showing two main intakes. Gimbals are bow-facing on sides, attached to a gondola with wide bent arms copying a shape of the envelope.


Side view – two gimbals hanging on long arms demonstrating those being skewed to get a cruciform (quadcopter drone, but in style).


Rear view, vector thrusters are not present, but those will be located in a centre of both side envelopes. (Central envelope has no duct, it serves as a ballonet.)


Isometric (from below) view – I just like how it comes together on this picture, but it also serves as a reference for the following one.

Isometric gimbals facing upwards

Same picture as above, but notice gimbals are now up-facing.

Isometric gimbals facing upwards II

Same trick as above, just a different viewpoint.

Isometric II

I took one more showing forward-facing gimbals in this angle.

Airship drone – no envelope

Well, this is something different – envelope is missing here to provide better overview of gimbals orientation. Gondola is just a placeholder here, but demonstrates that it’s main part is hidden in the airship body to lower its air resistance.

Airship drone – no envelope, gimbals facing upwards

Now this is our holy grail, our airship transformed in a drone (gimbals are facing up)!


The final one – close take on gimbals. I think they look pretty impressive mounted like this!

Well, as always let us know what you think! All (constructive) comments welcome. 🙂

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