We have a New whiteboard!

Our generous sponsor supplied us with a brand new whiteboard (Magnetic Glass Board 1500 x 1000mm) so we can finally get bit organised in our tasks with Sebi.

It looks awesome, doesn’t it? Check out left bottom corner – yes, our new whiteboard came without Marker & Eraser Holder – luckily we are proud owners of a 3D printer so it wasn’t a big deal.

This time I resisted to design it myself so went to https://www.thingiverse.com/ and grabbed a random one which seemed to be doing well – thank you MagChange! Anyway seeing that STL model, I thought that it would be excellent to have an option to place those on our blog. Again, it wasn’t cheap, but here it comes – our STL plugin premiere!

[woo3dviewer model_url=”//bbblimp.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/MarkerHolder.stl” material_url=”” thumbnail_url=”” canvas_width=”700″ canvas_height=”700″ canvas_border=”true” display_mode=”3d_model” display_mode_mobile=”3d_model” rendered_file_url=”” model_color=”#1e73be” background_color=”#FFFFFF” background_transparency=”false” model_transparency=”opaque” model_shininess=”plastic” show_grid=”true” grid_color=”#898989″ show_ground=”true” ground_color=”#c1c1c1″ show_shadow=”false” show_mirror=”false” auto_rotation=”true” rotation_x=”0″ rotation_y=”0″ rotation_z=”0″ offset_z=”1.4210854715202004e-14″ light_source1=”false” light_source2=”true” light_source3=”false” light_source4=”false” light_source5=”false” light_source6=”true” light_source7=”false” light_source8=”false” light_source9=”false” remember_camera_position=”true” show_controls=”true” camera_position_x=”89.70550924252764″ camera_position_y=”155.951953125″ camera_position_z=”-201.48187258049617″ camera_lookat_x=”-0.33209907840944697″ camera_lookat_y=”-0.5773502691896255″ camera_lookat_z=”0.7459067426872231″ controls_target_x=”0″ controls_target_y=”0″ controls_target_z=”0″]

How do you like it? Pretty fun, isn’t it? Printed out it worked out pretty cool as well.

So that’s it for tonight, huge thanks to Veronika again for her never-ending support!

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