Air pump, clamps and hose adaptor

In preparation of our gas cell project we restocked few parts – couple of air valve selenoids, pack of digital pressure meters and 12V air pump.

First thing first, when pump arrived, I noticed that it is missing some sort of clamp/mount. Got some inspiration from Google pictures around and printed couple of those.

About an hour later got this model out of the OpenSCAD.

After printing it, I couldn’t resist and did another improvement 🙂

.. but then forgot to upload the latest model in a printer, so ended up with the first one anyway. Still it looks pretty good when mounted. What you think?

Second part of our preparations was to come up with an adaptor which would allow connecting three silicon tubes to our gas cell – one for its inflation, one for deflation and third one for a pressure sensor – something like this.

Printed out it came out nicely on the first try.

Sebi dry-connected it to see if is going to do the job.

As before – all happy so we are ready for another stage.

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