Fun with anemometer

With all those EDFs (Electric Ducted Fans) all around our project (six of them), we’ve been thinking if their design is good or bad and the only thing to work it out seemed to measure their power. Some ideas were pretty wild, till .. you ask Google how to do this. The answer was clear – just get an anemometer!

Kept searching for something less steampunkish and ended up with BENETECH Anemometer GT8907 Sensor with ability to measure wind speeds up to 45m/s (162km/h).

It arrived after after a while, but in an excellent condition couple weeks later.

Well, long story short. Sebi will show you how it went.

So we did three tests and what we’ve found out?

Test #1Test #2Test #3
Tube diameter (mm)55mm6480
ft/min (LFM)3,740.163,346.462,559.06

940.99 m3/hr

261.39 L/s

Well, what we did find out? Unfortunately no idea. I suppose we’ll need to keep these values for reference and see how our model performs first. 🙂

To wrap this up I am adding one more video showing our gimbal test.

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  1. F=ma (Force = mass times acceleration)… but you can measure the force with a load cell anyhow I guess.

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