16MB ArduCam with Autofocus

Reading through my common news-feed couple months ago, I’ve stumbled on a new 16MB ArduCam with Autofocus.

Even not having any actual usage for it we decided to get one for $29 AUD.

It took us couple months to find a moment to start experimenting with it, but finally Sebi mounted it on our RPI.

I’ve left all the rest with Sebi and simply following How-To from here he made it working in ~30 minutes. And here comes our first picture!

Our first picture with ArduCam!

Not being that impressive we’ve captured one more with Eddie. šŸ™‚

Second ArduCam picture with Eddie

Asking Sebi how he did it I’ve been provided with that link above and following line from terminal:

sudo libcamera-still -o images/test.jpg --autofocus

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