Envelope from Windreiter

While working in parallel on multiple projects here, an important one seemed to became quite laid back lately – our airship’s envelope. However that’s not that true. I’ve been checking all the corners to get an material which should do the job – 100 micron PU sheets – but with no luck so far.

At some stage I’ve got in touch with Mr. Martin Hill, who suggested to contact a German company called Windreiter and check what they are doing. Then it was easy and I’ve got in touch with Dr. Andreas Burkart – Windreiter co-founder and we briefly discussed our project.

To my minor setback Dr. Burkart suggested not to start building anything too complex before taking baby steps and pointer to their e-shop with few of-the-shelve envelopes there. Being busy with work I couldn’t make myself to decide where next with this topic till the “Father’s Day” event came with Sebi asking what do I want. While my first idea went to the SignMyRocket, then I reverted to a more plausible solution and asked him to pick one of the Windreiter envelopes for us instead.

Sebi picked the Silver Blimp 181-200 for 40,00 EUR.

It came from Europe in about two weeks in a well padded envelope.

Data sheet confirmed that we are getting what we’ve ordered! Based on that we should be getting ~195g of lifting power (1.91 newtons earth) with it when using Hydrogen at sea level.

Seb got instructions to use our air pump to inflate it and test if it holds pressure well.

As you can see above, it worked out very well! I can’t wait till we attempt to fill it in with Hydrogen with our aluminium foil and caustic soda experiment! 🙂

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