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Back in the air – part II

Passing our Hydrogen generation test and also having our new Hydrogen detector in place, it’s been time to move forward. First stage was to review leftovers from a previous day together with checking whether there’s been any impact to our Teflon coating.

It worked out that there’s been some more material in there, while coating came out without any scratch or signs of decay.

To test everything works and also to get rid of any excessive air in the container we filled another blimpy first and took some cool pictures of our dramatic sky

Seb’s been having fun with his new friend.

And we started filling the Windreiter envelope.

As you can see from the gallery below, it actually took few hours to get us there. Luckily chemical reaction stabilised nicely so we’ve got pretty stable Hydrogen production.

Finally we’ve ended up with some super-cool blimp!

Last bit was when we measured the lifting power to confirm achieved Hydrogen purity.

As you can see our kitchen scale measures 171g, where advertised value should be 195.60g of lift at Sea Level H2.

That’s roughly missing 25g, which we accounted to the thread attachment metallic clamp, sealing clamp and potential Hydrogen impurities as our experiment has long way to a clean laboratory environment. Whatever it was I think we did pretty well and whole team was very happy about the outcome! 🙂

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