Flux capacitor

As per our fist steps into optocoupler world seemed worked out nicely, we’ve ventured to roll out full scale implementation which would cover all our 12 servos.

Progressing with wiring that altogether we’ve reached a dilemma how to actually give them some more practical form. The most plausible idea came to organise them in a triangle.

Finishing that assembly we ended up with some indescribable blob of cables. It needed few iterations to give it some reasonable form and reduce number of all cables.

Mainly, looking at it it instantly reminded me of a famous Flux Capacitor from the Back to the Future movie. 🙂

Anyway, it took us another week to plug it in and see it all in action.

We’ve agreed with Sebi that it looks like those ghost signal were substantially reduced and overall responsiveness seem to improved as well! That cabling is still quite silly, but that’s just an opportunity for improvement.

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