ChatGPT – Poem about Airships

Apparently there are many awesome ways to use today’s most evolved AI – ChatGPT. Clearly the most obvious one is to ask it to write a poem about rigid airships!

(Adding it also in a text form here so web crawlers can grab it.)

Poem about rigid airships

Rigid airships, floating in the sky,
A marvel of engineering, soaring high.
With gasbags filled with lighter-than-air gas,
They glide through the heavens. faster than a mass.

Their rigid frames, a wonder to behold,
Defying gravity, a story to be told.
A mode of transport, in a time long gone.
Their memory lives on, with each rising dawn.

In the early 20th century, they ruled the skies,
Luxury liners, carrying people with great size.
From Europe to America, a journey so grand,
Their mighty presence, a sight to stand.

But their time was brief, as planes soon took flight,
Making airships obsolete, out of sight.
Yet they still inspire, a symbol of grace,
And their legacy lives on, in each new space.

So here's to the rigid airships of old,
A testament to human ambition, so bold.
Their spirit lives on, in the skies above,
A symbol of our dreams, of peace, and love.

Credited to ChatGPT.

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