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Gondola preps II

In continuation of our previous development as documented here, clamps were needed. Those are in light-blue (front & back-ones) on following picture.

Design ended up being quite funny kind of a tube-clamp, with some reinforcement on the beam, let’s call it Clamp-A.

A top clamp also needed to be a bit different as there is that front-to-end traversing beam, let’s call it Clamp-B.

Then it took a week to tweak it and print 6x Clamp-A, 2x Clamp-B and start mounting them on.

At some stage of this development the OceanGateTours sub collapsed, what made me thinking about all those thin-walled tubes and how those clamps will hold on … and came with a simple in-fill tube idea to counter those external forces.

That clearly did the job and our vertical tube is holding in there nicely now. Having all clamps printed, we could finish the final assembly and weigh our gondola skelet!

Reading on the above picture is not too good, but it says 1163g.

We should receive more CF tape some time next week and that would allow us to finish those large traversing tubes, then we need clamps to hold our ducts + clamps for gimbals and we’ll be ready to start wiring!

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