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Gondola preps III

In continuation of our previous development as documented here, more and more fiddling was needed. Then, last week, I archived my phone to our long-term storage NAS and ended up with no easy-to-grab pictures left so decided just to do a short post to quickly cover the latest – mostly in points without much context below.

Chris expressed his concerns about ABS as we good material for what we are using it for (clamps) so we used steel garden-hose clamps to make some serious clamp reinforcements.

Having those improved clamps, we finished those traversing beams + there’s been a defect on one of those tubes which needed fixing. They are now ready for a final assembly.

Asked our neighbor (Jane) for few spare tennis-balls, and mounted those on as a padding for suspension legs. Having those completed I took few pictures how that fits straight on our tennis-table (no it wasn’t intentional, that legs span just worked like this by accident).

Final touch came with an initial mounting of the gondola platforms – we picked “Sunlite 8 1.2 x 0.61m Clear Twinwall Polycarbonate Sheet” as it looks nice, is easily available and feels pretty strong.

You can see the front platform already mounted below with BBBlue & Wifi pig-tail & GPS chip placed there for demonstration.

Three more platforms are still needed – rear one for 6V battery pack + two middle ones for those 25V big-battery packs. However that material (Twinwall Polycarbonate Sheet) is easy to work with, so it shouldn’t be a big deal to get it done in next few days.

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