Safer Li-Ion Battery Storage

In the pursuit of constructing a sustainable Hydrogen autonomous airship, one of our significant milestones has been the development of high-capacity batteries. However, like any potent source of energy, our batteries composed of Lithium-ion (Li-ion) cells come with their share of risks. Recent incidents in Simon’s office (Simon has no video, but whole their manufacturing plant here in Queensland burned out) highlighted the fire hazards associated with improper Li-ion battery storage, made me quite worry!

Current fire-proofing by letting batteries to rest on an Aluminum sheet standing at ceramic workbench. 😀

Why are those Li-ion batteries such a trouble? Apparently their inherent volatility stems from their chemistry. Lithium, being highly reactive, can cause fires if a battery is damaged or improperly stored. A short circuit within the battery or an external short can cause an internal temperature rise. When the internal temperature reaches a critical point, a thermal runaway reaction occurs, leading to a fire or explosion.

Richard sent me following Youtube video which demonstrates their volatility in a quite dramatic way.

Witnessing the potential dangers associated with Li-Ion batteries through rigorous testing and unfortunate real-world incidents, we took steps to mitigate the risks associated with our battery storage.

The first action was to get some fireproof storage. Looking around for some suitable and affordable battery bag, I picked The Colcase Fireproof Explosionproof Lipo Safe Bag from Amazon.

Its fire-retardant fabric minimizes the risks associated with accidental fire outbreaks, containing any potential fire within the bag, potentially averting a domino effect I don’t want to even thing about…

Anyway, bag arrived on time as and first fitting test demonstrated that it was a good pick.

Beyond just that fire-proofing measure, I noticed that there is some work needed on batteries. Cut the cables not to look this long and re-done their bottom so batteries can be mounted safely on a gondola platform. Took few pictures through the process as well.

Finally mounted batteries on a designated platform and prepare them for a storage.

All ready to handover to Chris to run those through a new capacity test to see how that changed through the year.

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