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Measuring Carbon Fibre Electric resistance

As secretly hoping to use our carbon fibre parts as a common ground for overall power distribution, I thought it would be good to actually measure how it is doing in a context of our other options. The plan is to measure the material resistance and voltage drop for copper wire, aluminium bar and our…

Temperature monitoring for curing cycle

Carbon fiber tube curing process, we are working at, needs to go through several stages. First one is to hold temperature on 70C for ~3hrs, followed by another 1.5h on 140C. To be able to achieve that, we needed to put together some sort of thermostat which would drive our heater. Discussing this problem all…

Tubes – Almost there

In continuation of our Tubes story, we’ve hit several delays and proper celebration of New Year 2023 was one of them. However there were others… Adapter jig Initial plan was to have both tubes (50mm and 60mm) as one component and do all tube cladding like that. Seeing how potentially fragile is that heater made…

Happy New Year 2023!

Bit late, but well, airships don’t need to rush – why to be fast, when you can enjoy being slow. 🙂


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