SkyScape: Remote Sensing with Airborne LiDAR Systems

Imagine a world where high-resolution topographical data is accessible even in the most remote locations, unobstructed by cloud cover and not restricted by the sun’s cycle. Welcome to our pioneering Remote Sensing Airship concept, designed specifically for advanced LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) applications. By employing airships, we can offer a cost-effective and sustainable approach to data acquisition that outperforms traditional methods using airplanes, drones, or satellites.

Cloud Cover Mitigation

Traditional satellite imagery is plagued by cloud cover, with approximately 60% of global captures affected. Our airship concept will operate at lower altitudes, circumventing this issue entirely.

Uninterrupted Data Collection

With airships’ capability for prolonged, energy-efficient flights, LiDAR data can be collected 24/7 without the need for daylight. This not only speeds up the mapping process but also eliminates the cost of a piloted mission.

Wider Reach

The extended operational time allows airships to cover vast geographical areas, offering unprecedented opportunities for comprehensive environmental studies, resource management, and infrastructure planning.

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