Carbon Fibre Tube – 30mm x 1mm – 110g/m (4 CF layers)

Ultra-light, immensely strong Carbon Fibre Tubes, precision-engineered for industries demanding high-strength, lightweight materials – from aviation to robotics, sports equipment to high-performance auto parts.

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Introducing Ultra-Light Carbon Fibre Tubes: Expertly engineered and meticulously crafted for the demanding industries of drone and aircraft manufacturing. Our tubes are fabricated from high-quality carbon fibre tape, manually laid on a mold and sealed with a high-temperature resin. With precision heating at 150°C, these tubes are cured to possess immense strength and stiffness, setting them apart in the market.

These tubes are a marvel of lightness, coming with diameter of 30mm, wall thickness of 1mm, and while weighing a mere 110g per meter, achieving an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio. Their lightweight construction does not compromise their robustness, enabling their potential use in diverse industries beyond aviation – from competitive sports equipment to precision medical instruments, robotics, and high-performance automotive parts.

The manufacturing process allows for continuous production, meaning the tubes can be tailored to virtually any length above one meter, making them perfect for projects of all sizes. These ultra-light carbon fibre tubes are not only an investment in quality and durability but also a testament to the future of lightweight, high-strength materials. Embrace innovation and elevate your project to new heights with our advanced carbon fibre solution.

Product includes clamps and joints templates in OpenSCAD.


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