Hydrogen Generator

In June 2020, we designed, built and tested a Hydrogen generator aiming to get a reliable small-scale source of Hydrogen for filling our 6m3 balloon. Project goal is to be able to produce 1m3 of Hydrogen gas in 24hrs. Whole project went through a gradual scale up of our design and took almost a year. … Continue reading Hydrogen Generator


In the October, 2020 we’ve designed, built, tested and released a beacon on our 6m3 hydrogen balloon. This beacon’s been provided with 4 high-luminescence Cree XML-T6 LEDs organised to cover most of the surrounding hemisphere and broadcast “Greetings from New Port” message in the Morse-code. Whole process got documented in following posts:BEACON DESIGN & PREPARATIONSBEACON … Continue reading Beacon

High-capacity Battery

As a part of our JET-CART PROJECT, which kicked off in June, 2021, we encountered a need for a high-capacity battery (400Wh). As there was no battery of needed parameters on a market, it’s been decided to design, build a couple which we can use for initial testing and also produce on our own. The … Continue reading High-capacity Battery

Testing and Calibration Rig

In October 2021, we designed and built a testing and calibration rig to assist us with further hardware and software development on our jet-cart project. Main part was to obtain and connect a set of digital kitchen-weight load cells and organise those in a frame which would allow friction-less measurement of all forces applied on … Continue reading Testing and Calibration Rig


In the late February 2021, we started with a propeller design for our jet-cart project, including testing multiple designs to suit to provide us with sustainable source of those for 5-20k rpm EDFs and gimbals. Project started with a 3D design in OpenSCAD, iteration of tests on multiple blade and pitch configurations, material and testing … Continue reading Propellers

Hydrogen Balloon

Since very beginning of our project in June 2020, there was an understanding that to keep our project going we need to be generating a proper attention to attract correct audience. So it was decided to use a buoyant gas (Hydrogen) to develop a flying machine in a shape of a balloon to demonstrate some … Continue reading Hydrogen Balloon

Vectoring Thruster

Vectoring Thruster project got launched back in March 2021 its aim was to provide our blimp with vertical and horizontal stabilisers directing the thrust from its EDFs to serve as rudders and elevators. Project started with a simple 3D design of a cylindrical vectoring thruster in OpenSCAD and evolved in a very stable ball design … Continue reading Vectoring Thruster


Gimbals project fired in August 2021 to address our need for a multi-directional-axle thruster for our jet-cart project to provide it with ability to control the attitude, angular velocities, strafing and velocity change assistance. Project started as table-stand 3D design in OpenSCAD and evolved in fully matured design which allows full 360 control of a … Continue reading Gimbals


Jet-cart project is a culmination of our multiple projects including Thrusters, Gimbals, Propellers, Testing Rig and High-Capacity Battery ones. Started on its own in June 2021, its purpose was to allow design and testing of all our technologies developed in 2D, before moving into the 3D space. Project is now in its final phase where … Continue reading Jet-cart

Gas Cells

Gas cells project got summoned in preparations of our airship envelope’s internal design. Starting in beginning of 2022 , this project is currently ongoing and includes gas cells design, pressure control and gas cell manufacturing process. Project currently stretches over 6 months so far and following goals were already achieved: Initial gas bag design Pressure … Continue reading Gas Cells

Celestial Navigation

Taking inspiration from an old sea faring navigation using devices as astrolabe and sextant we’ve prepared a new project which aims to develop our own system for celestial navigation to complement available GPS systems and mainly to use it as an excuse to get our hands on some Machine Learning. Following goals to be achieved: … Continue reading Celestial Navigation

Super-light Tubes

One of our main design features relies on having a central duct which, when mounted with a front EDF, will allow lowering front envelope pressure, strengthen internal stability in a center of weight serving as airships keel and it will finally replace all rudders and elevators needed with a thrust vectoring. Following goals to be … Continue reading Super-light Tubes