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The Others

This is a list of other known airship projects in an alphabetical order.

NameAerarium Luftschifftechnik e.V.
DescriptionThe technical-scientific association Aerarium Luftschifftechnik e.V. has set itself the task of bringing balloon and airship technology closer to interested students and scientists as well as people outside the university framework. In addition to possible financial support for aerostatic research projects, contacts and know-how in the field of aerostatics are provided. The association acts as an initiator of projects and as an active link between individual projects.
NameThe Airship Association
StatusActive since 1971
DescriptionThe Airship Association is a not-for-profit company, registered in England as a Company Limited by Guarantee. The Association was formed in 1971 to promote the use of powered, steerable, Lighter than Air Vehicles.

The objectives of the Airship Association are to:
– Promote the science, practice and consideration of all matters relating to airships.
– Circulate information on all matters affecting airships and to publish books and papers connected with airships.
– Promote research and experimental work on airships.
NameH2 Clipper, Inc.
DescriptionH2 Clipper, Inc. is a privately-held company that has made significant strategic investments to research, develop and patent core IP in modern airship design and hydrogen economy infrastructure for long-distance transport and ‘last mile’ delivery of hydrogen to end users.
NameHybrid Air Vehicles Limited
DescriptionWe are the future of zero-carbon aviation. Sustainability is no longer simply a nice to have. It is a global imperative. Airlander is by its very nature good at being green. It creates efficiency through technology. But we can, and will, do more.
NameThe Blimp Works
DescriptionCharles Willard’s company focused on manufacturing advertising blimps and advertising balloons in North Carolina. Charles retired.
NameThe Plimp Airships
DescriptionWith 14 patents, Plimp is a new class of airship, with a proprietary combination of helium and dynamic rotary wings, enabling it to hover, dip, ascend, bank or spin. If engines are turned off it will float gently to the ground. With its vertical take-off and landing, it can lift off or land just about anywhere.
DescriptionWindreiter is a startup company based in Germany and focused on lighter-than-air aviation. With a decade of experience in airship construction, we support projects around the globe with our technology and knowledge base.

Our Airship Drones combine the ability of precise positioning and manoeuvrability with a very high endurance, enabling flight-times, up to a few hours. From scientific applications, eg. wildlife observation and search and rescue missions, our airships offer a flexible platform for your needs.
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