Blimpy – a hybrid airship project demonstrator

Blimpy project combines numerous century-old ideas with the new ones on several levels – having a main focus on growing a new generation of technical engineers who would be not afraid to dream big.

Blimpy provides a platform with a challenging story behind it and is likely to encourage them to explore new technologies, philosophies, ideas and start thinking about our possibilities generally in a wider scope.

Overarching story of this particular project is to deliver a scaled down model of an Hydrogen hybrid airship, which would attract enough attention to allow a wider community to join and follow up on this concept to gradually reach a stage for launching a serious commercial start-up.

Project goals:

Envelope size: 16-24 m3

Box size: 6m x 3m x 2m

Operational time: 4 hrs

UAT beyond horizon operations

Distance covered: 40 km (return)

Utilize Hydrogen as a lifting gas

Altitude control through managed gas cells

Vectoring EDF thrusters as replacement for common rudders and elevators

Altitude and directional controls assistance through 360o EDF gimbals